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Borneo Region

Adventure land Malaysia lies in the East Malaysian state of Sabah and Sarawak, on the island of Borneo. Sabah occupies the eastern part of the North Borneo while Sarawak situated on the norht western of Borneo. There are plenty of natural attractions to satisfy the most discerning eco-tourists and adventure seekers. Large hinterlands of rainforest, long roads and rivers, immense old caves, tropical islands, variety of flora and fauna, marine life are to be found in these areas. Besides activities connected with eco tourism, visitors seeking a simple holiday can enjoy colourful sights of native culture and handicraft and experience a taste of the unique rain forest way of life staying in the precints of parks or longhouses.


Often called the "Land Below The Wind" because it lies below the typhoon belt. It has the South china Sea on the west and the Sulu and Celebes seas on the east and a coastline of some 1440 km. Sabah is mountainous with lush tropical rain forests and its population of nearly 2 million is made up of 32 colourful ethnic communities.

Places of interest include Central Market, Tanjung Aru Beach, Mount Kinabalu, Turtle Islands, Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary, Poring Hot Springs and etc.


Situated on the north western coast of Borneo, it shares its boundaries with Kalimantan in the south and Brunei and Sabah in the north. It is the largest state in Malaysia, covering an area of 124,450 sq km. Two third of its land is under rainforest and it is best known for its natural and cultural wonders. Sarawak is rich in wildlife with over 550 species of birds and an indeterminate number of reptiles, insects and larger wildlife. Most of Sarawak's wildlife can be observed in nature parks or sanctuaries.

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